“At Full Speed! Progressive Thinking/ Future Building” is an event organized by the Chilean political party Revolución Democrática, which aims to put Chilean citizens in contact with the world and with current issues that demand an urgent solution. It is our belief that those who feel identified with the left and democratic values must be in constant reflection about and propose collective responses to the challenges we have to face. This, so we can develop a common sense that allows us to build a future together in community.

Salvador Allende, a revolutionary and a democrat, told students in Guadalajara that there were no recipes to make a revolution, since each nation has their own specific reality. From this diversity of realities and variety of experiences, we want to bring together people from different background, since each one of them belong to different causes and collective actions.

Our objective is to discuss the problems of our times and hope that, through a rich and deep political debate of these matters, we can begin articulating emerging projects with transformative potential like At Full Speed! analogous projects have been organized in different parts of the world.

The activities will take place in Santiago of Chile, between October 18th – 21st, 2018. It will have the participation of personalities from around the world, coming from diverse fields such as politics, economics, innovation, technology, science, culture and, of course, leaders who have arisen from popular and social movements. We expect the presence of speakers from Argentina (Asuntos del Sur), Bolivia (MAS), Brazil, Canada (MASS LBP), Chile (Frente Amplio), Cuba, Spain (Podemos), France (La France Insumise), Greece (Syriza), Italy (Senso Comuna), Mexico (MORENA and Wikipolítica), Peru (Movimiento Nuevo Perú) and Uruguay (Organización Nada Crece a la Sombra).

“At Full Speed!” has contacted the protagonists of processes of change and renewal of the ideas of transformation of local, national and international realities, who are thinking and building the democratic left of the 21st century.

Panelistas Internacionales

Panelistas nacionales

We invite you to think and build the next years of a transformative policy for Chile! We are learning from the experiences of men and women who decided to lead the change from different parts of the world.

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17 hrs.
19 hrs.
8:30 hrs.
20:00 hrs.
Inaug. Expo Fotografías
8:30 hrs.
16:00 hrs.
Inicio Actividades Territoriales
  • MURAL 1: Estación Central, Calle Las Violetas esquina Las rejas (Metro Las Rejas)
  • MURAL 2: La Florida, Calle Estados Unidos #8741 (Metro Rojas Magallanes).
16:00 hrs.
20:00 hrs.
12:00 hrs.
Discurso Diputado Giorgio Jackson
12:30 hrs.
Firma Carta de Santiago: Los desafíos.